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A sustainable solution

In these times of increasing geo-political uncertainty and volatility within the traditional asset classes, many of the world’s top economic analysts are predicting a forthcoming market correction. As a result, Central Banks across the globe are on an unprecedented gold buying spree demonstrated by the fact that they have nearly doubled their holdings within the last 12 months. It is a similar story for many private investors who now see the value in rebalancing their portfolios.

The case for purchasing and holding gold over the coming years is obvious but it’s a complex market which many people find difficult to navigate.

How to buy at the best price? Who to buy from? Where to store it? How to sell it? The APDG model offered by PPM now provides a simple solution to all these questions.

About APDG

Why buy Advance Purchases of Discounted Gold?

Buy experience, not just gold

The APDG model is simple and provides for the advance purchase of 99.99% 24KT gold bullion at LBMA spot price subject to a minimum purchase of 12,500 USD, 10,000 GBP or 12,500 Euro. The gold is delivered to a secure Swiss vault in equal amounts over a 24-month period and held in your personal account of which you are the sole custodian.

You will also have an effective monthly discount by receiving an additional amount of physical gold at no additional cost. This will equate to 1 ounce of gold for every USD 100,000 (or fraction) purchased, delivered to your personal Swiss vault account over the same time period.*

On the next page you will see an example of a USD 100,000 purchase where the effective discount is calculated at 26% of the LBMA market price.**

The Swiss vault will directly confirm each delivery of gold and send you monthly statements of account. And when you want to sell, you simply instruct your personal Account Manager to complete the transaction.

Globally trusted partners

On a monthly basis, PPM will deliver your gold to a globally renowned secure storage facility in Zürich, Switzerland. They will arrange a personal vault account to be set up on your behalf with you as the sole custodian. All storage and insurance costs are included for 24 months.

PPM will handle the entire administration process and a monthly statement will be sent directly to you by the vault operator to verify your gold holdings.

A safe pair of hands

From the moment your gold is transported to the secure Swiss vault, it is fully insured by the world’s leading supplier of commercial and specialist insurance. You will be insured against full loss, damage, fire and theft. This includes both in transit and in storage.

For the duration of the purchase period (24 months) all insurance and storage costs are included in the purchase price. Thereafter, if the Purchaser still requires fully insured, secure storage services then charges will apply at the prevailing rates published by the operator at that time.

A sustainable future

The APDG represents excellent value for PPM. The cost of mining and refining 1 ounce of gold is less than $500 USD so the actual cost of fulfilling every $100,000 USD order in physical gold (including the discount payment) is the equivalent of around $45,000 USD over 24 months.

PPM is already carrying out mining activities on the designated APDG designated mining concession in the Republic of Guinea and will use the funds being raised from this offer to modernise the facility, invest in more efficient equipment and recruit additional manpower. This will significantly increase productivity and secure long term supply. Future plans involve the development of other mining concessions held by PPM and acquisition of new mining concessions across West Africa.

Furthermore, not only is the cost of money very attractive but it also allows PPM to continue to build its name in the market amongst future buyers and potential corporate investors for larger and more ambitious projects.

Our process

5 steps to protect and grow wealth


Purchase Order

Complete ID checks, purchase order & security vault account opening forms


Invoice & Schedule

Pro-forma invoice & delivery schedule issued. Client deposits funds & personal security vault account is opened


First installment

First installment (1/24th of gold purchased plus additional gold) of gold deposited into your personal vault account 30 days after payment


Scheduled installments

Each month thereafter 1/24th of gold plus additional gold (as part of the APDG offering) will be deposited into your personal vault account


Store or Sell

Each month you can choose to sell or continue to store gold in your personal vault account. Insurance and storage is included as part of the APDG model

Looking to buy gold?

Calculate your potential investment returns

How much money do you have to purchase gold?


What returns you can expect

If the price of gold remains the same as your locked in price of , the value of your gold will be...


of gold purchased (gold will be delivered over 24 months in equal parts)

You would have a locked in price of per oz (subject to LBMA daily spot price at receipt of payment).

Oz of gold to be delivered = oz
Additional Gold (unique to APDG) = oz
Total Gold = oz (oz delivered per month)

Understanding your profit and discount

Your discount is calculated in the following way:

To obtain the effective cost per oz, we divide the total gold delivered by the purchase amount ( / ), which gives us

We then calculate the percentage discount based on the the locked in price () compared to the effective cost per oz we calculated above (), which gives us a percentage discount of %

Based on a sale price of at the end of 24 months, then your gold would be worth


Retrospective discount



The gold value will change

Use the slider below to change the future value of gold, and see what you future value could really be.

The value of gold of your gold would be...



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