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Our business model is simple, our knowledge is invaluable.

We thrive on data and knowing that numbers don’t lie when it comes to growing wealth. With so much data available there has never been a better time to buy physical gold. Our focus is to educate our clients to the real value of gold and provide solutions to make the most of their hard earned money.

  • Learn why gold is the world's most valued asset.
  • Compare historical data to make informed decisions.
  • Access the best investment models for purchasing gold in a market that is set to continue to grow over the next decade.

We believe that knowledge is power and without it people will continue to see their future wealth diluted. With real time knowledge there is no excuse to miss out on the opportunity that gold offers to not only survive the next decade but to thrive and grow.


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Driven by data, passionate about returns

Approximately 2,500 - 3,000 tons of new gold is mined each year. With an estimated trading value of $22 trillion per year, the international gold market dwarfs turnover on the Dow Jones Index and the S&P 500 combined, German and even UK government bonds.

With gold reaching record highs in 2020 and the world debt likely to explode, creating global issues for many fiat currencies in the decade to come, there is so much hype about purchasing gold. But where do you start?

At RTK our purpose is to protect wealth. We use real time data to help you make informed decisions. Will gold continue on a bull run through the 2020’s? Is gold undervalued and if so why? Should you buy gold or invest in gold stocks? All these are tough questions when your wealth is at stake. Don’t worry, that’s why we exist.

Gold is historic, gold is our future

When you understand the facts around gold, why it is so important and why we need it you can better understand why you need to own it. Printing endless pots of money cannot continue in the way it has been doing for decades. Changing times are upon us.

Using historical and current data we educate our clients so in turn they can make informed decisions. We provide assessments of gold’s performance against other asset classes whilst providing a solution to purchase gold in the most sustainable way.

We have the t-shirts you don’t want to collect

How many times do you hear ‘we’ve been there and done that’? Well we have. From the early days of travelling the ends of Africa looking for gold we have done almost everything. With greed in our eyes and looking for the next get rich quick scheme we have lost money in the scams that so many people do. But we are not fools. We have learned, we have spent years educating ourselves and it is with this knowledge that we ensure that our clients don’t make the same mistakes that we have.

Along our journey through Africa and the learnings we have been afforded we have met many interesting people. No more so interesting than our partners Phoenix Precious Metals. With a social agenda that caters for their own people and land, we have worked to create a new way of buying gold in a sustainable win-win way for all. Learn more about PPM here.

From the safety of Switzerland to a global network

We started out in the heart of the safest financial capital of the world. Switzerland. Why? It is reported that a third of the world's wealth is stored there so we thought what better place to be. Since the inception of RTK Trading SA in 2013 we have gone on to create businesses with offices in Guinea, Dubai, Hong Kong and the United Kingdom.

With 7 years of loving gold now under our belt we are proud of the network we have built and a product offering that has long been sought for our clients.

A new horizon is upon us

There's no such thing as economic stability, whatever politicians and economists tell you. Few people realise - or care to acknowledge - that we are poised on the brink of yet another financial crisis, which could be worse than any we’ve seen to date. Global debt is out of control, and the authorities have used up all their ammunition solving the last financial crisis.

Taking centre stage in the impending catastrophe is the dollar, the focal point of the global monetary system; but the so-called ‘Mighty Greenback’ is not anywhere near as mighty as it once was.

To learn how the next financial crisis could take the dollar down and the rest of the global economy with, download our latest book The Last Dollar.

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